Take the Future in Your Stride

None of us like to think about life's potential misfortunes. But with a little forward planning, you can easily remove all the financial stress of such events. Whether you want to protect yourself, your family or perhaps your business, at Aveton Gifford Associates we can help you find peace of mind. Our expertise embraces income protection, private medical cover and critical illness cover.

The need for adequate protection is a topic that generally only crops up too late; after the event when it's not possible to rectify matters. In general the questions to ask yourself are as follows:

Family Protection What would happen to my family if I died tomorrow? Is this what I want to happen? It is of particular importance if you have young, dependent children.

Income Protection Illness is, unfortunately, a fact of everyday life. Most are minor and can be shrugged off after a few days off work but what would happen if you suffered a more serious illness? What would happen if you had no income for 3 months?

Business Protection For most businesses, both large and small, their single biggest asset is the key staff. What would happen to your business if a key employee fell ill or your business partner died? Succession planning is a simple yet effective tool and can usually be arranged easily.