Hang on to More of Your Money

Why let the taxman take more than he has to? That's the simple principle behind tax planning. We can ensure that you make full use of all allowances available to help you minimise your exposure to tax.

Talking sense

We can also help guide you through the maze of jargon that is often used. You can contact us at any time for more information.

Personal Allowance This allowance is, perhaps, the most important benefit given by HMRC and is available to all with an annual income, however, are you using it correctly? Of particular importance for the retired, are you making maximum use of this, and the related Age Allowance? Indeed, are you making use of your ISA allowance?

Capital Gains Allowance This allowance for 2018/19 increases to £11,700 and your investment portfolio should be reviewed regularly to ensure that your allowance is being used effectively.

Inheritance Tax This was once the scourge of very wealthy people only. But even in these challenging times, house values and the use of ISAs for investement means that many more people are affected. In fact, the taxable value of your estate needs only to be £325,000 before you are taxed at a whopping 40%. We can help you minimise any potential tax payments due and allow you to pass your assets to your family with a minimum of cost or inconvenience.